Meet the Teams

Team Dream Force

from Hong Kong

Grow uP Girls HKMO

from Hong Kong / Macau

Dream aNd Reality

from China

Grow uP Girls EU

from Europe

Meet the Casters

Raby 瑞比

Hey guys I’m Raby. I started to play League of Legends in Season 2 when TPA(Taipei Assassins) took home the championship. I devoted myself into the field of the anchor of League of Legends by chance. I really love the game and hope you guys enjoy my broadcast.


Hello everyone, I’m Section Jhu who come from Taiwan, 23 years old. I’m a guy who loves to play different kind of PC games. During my childhood, I loved playing Lineage, Stoneage, Last Hope – Tower Defense, and MMORPG PC games etc., and I have more than 10 years experience in games. I have also played League of Legends for over 5 years.

Nelson "AC" Silva

Hello! My name is Nelson, but cool people of the internet call me AC. I’m a 24 year old League of Legends play-by-play shoutcaster from Portugal. My passion for gaming is as old as my memory, ever since I picked up my very first GameBoy all the way until now, Videogames have always been at my side.

I’ve been shoutcasting professionally for over a year now, having started my “career” as a streamer. I’ve been playing League of Legends ever since late Season 2.

Alexandre "Archarom" Maia

Hi everyone, my name is Archarom and I have been casting for 5 years. Everything happeened when I stepped away from competitive play but couldn’t leave this game behind. Started playing mobas when DOTA allstars appeared and never stopped.

I’ve been coached by Zirene and other casters and from time to time I’m capable of saying something interesting.

More Information Soon!

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