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Team Dignitas

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Team Expert

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Riot Gaming

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eLixir Gaming

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Meet the Casters

Tuya 兔牙奈落丶


[email protected] 阿关

国内最早从事CSGO的解说工作的解说之一(2013年年底~现在)担任过国内各个赛事的线上线下解说 深知整个CSGO发展的趋势 熟悉当前主流队伍的体系以及战术 。


Joshua "BurntSanctuary" Keller

Josh “BurntSanctuary” started his casting career in the CSGO Female scene as he started casting the Playing Ducks Female Masters 2015 in Munich. Afterwards he decided to found the twitch channel “FemaleCSLive” dedicated to the Female CSGO scene. He built up a caster team which are all supporting the scene as volunteers, trying to cover as many games possible on the channel. He also is the right hand and the producer of the grassroots mixed gender tournament called “Skylla”.
Josh also casted the CSGO Female event at Copenhagen Games 2017.

Darren Kwan

Darren began his gaming career 18 years ago, competing in Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike: Source and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments from amateur to professional levels. His passion for Counter-Strike includes managing teams, coaching, casting and running events both online and offline.

Darren was the creative and driving force behind Australia’s first free-to-air televised Counter-Strike event! He is a passionate, engaging and entertaining presence on screen welcoming all viewers.

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